Session Resources

All of the resources listed in your curriculum, session by note

Session 1: Healthy Relationships for Youth


Session 2: Communication and Boundaries

Session 3: Situating Self in Diversity

Extra Time Videos
Please watch all videos carefully and discuss with your support teacher to ensure it’s the right fit for your class – some of these videos deal with very heavy content your class may not be prepared for.

Session 4: Stereotypes and Pop Culture

Session 5: Social Media and Relationships

Session 6: Gender Talk

Extra Time Videos

Session 7: Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

Extra Time Video: 

Session 8: Sex, Drugs, and Decisions

Session 9: Power and Violence (part 1)

Required Reading Resources

In Session Resources

Session 10: Power and violence (part 2)

Required Reading Resources

In Session Resources

Session 11: Folklore and Storytelling

Required Reading Resource: 

What is a talking circle? When we do sharing in circles, many of the practices we use come directly from the Mi’kmaw tradition of a “talking circle”. Take some time to read up on this practice and understand it’s importance, and Google, go to the library, or ask your Mi’kmaq community members for more information.

In Session Resources


Session 12: Where are we now?

** Very important Grade 9s fill these out as part of their final session**



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