It can be really confusing learning about all the different identities, terminologies, and complexities, so there are some really great resources out there to help you! Resources can be used to help you figure out your own identity, know how to navigate certain situations, and learn how to be a supportive ally. We recommend these resources to queer* folks, questioning folks, and allies.
*We use the umbrella term “queer” when describing LGBT2SQIA communities and individuals. While it holds historic weight as a slur, it has been reclaimed by many community members as an inclusive term.

Organizations and Resource Databases

The Youth Line

Based in Ontario, The Youth Line has comprehensive information and resources for queer youth and allies.

The Youth Project

A Nova Scotia specific organization, the Youth Project runs incredible programming on sexual and gender identities. They have a comprehensive resource list on their website for the queer community and allies.

Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project
NSRAP is a group working to promote equity across Nova Scotia. They have both LGBTQ+ resources and local news.

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project started as a crisis helpline for LGBTQ+ youth, and now has a number of useful resources including a support centre with useful FAQs for queer youth and allies.

Everyone is Gay

In addition to hilarious videos, Everyone is Gay produces useful resources including a guide for parents of queer children, and advice on a range of LGBTQ+ topics

We R Native

An organization by Indigenous youth, for Indigenous youth, We R Native has an entire page dedicated to resources for queer and 2 Spirit Indigenous youth.

Asexuality Archive
Dedicated to raising awareness and understanding about Asexuality, the Asexuality Archive gives a comprehensive resource list on all things Ace!


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