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Here’s some other stuff we think you might like or find interesting, check it out!

P.S: If you have a great article, song, video, etc. you’d like us to see, please message us.
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Rookie Mag
This website has a ton of great stuff. Most of the content is created by young women for young women, but Rookie also has a huge following of guys and non-binary folk. There are really smart/hilarious interviews with celebrities and everyday people, there’s a themed playlist every Friday, and there’s some really great info about relationships, romance, friendships, social justice, fashion, art, and MUCH MUCH MORE. It’s all over the place and it’s awesome.

Some favourite links: Relationships are work , How to be a lady, When the Closet Door Jams, How to Dress Like a Corny Rich Grandma on a Cruise


This is a really open, comprehensive guide to a bunch of stuff about sex, bodies, and relationships. It’s aimed towards a high school and college level (for people of all genders and sexualities), and it covers a very expansive range of topics.

Favourites: How to build, board, and navigate a healthy relationship, Navigating Consent, Help! My Friend is dating a Creepy Dude , What’s in a “no”?

Web Wise

This is a great website that is all about navigating online spaces and places, and has lots of great resources for dealing with online sexual harassment and online safety.


Allegedly” by Tessa Hill and Lea Valente
This documentary began as a school project for Grade 8 students Tessa and Lea. After they began the project, they realised their health and physical education curriculum never mentioned the word consent. Ontario’s curriculum has recently been revised because of their actions.

Sometimes you’re a Caterpillar” by chescaleigh
A very adorable video by a really great youtuber about what privilege means.


These artists and songs are all about making political statements and making themselves heard. Also, they make really good music.

Play for Change
This is a music collaboration project that brings together street performers from around the world. It can be a little corny, but it’s also an incredible project that aims to connect performers and build music schools in underserviced communities.

This female rock group makes music that is both personal and political, and has also routinely been called one of the greatest rock bands of our time. Side note: you might recognise guitarist Carrie Brownstein if you’ve ever seen Portlandia.

The First Ladies Crew
Interviews and links to the women of the First Ladies Crew, an indigenous rap group out of Vancouver.

Hell you Talmbout” by Janelle Monae
The lyrics are the chanted names of black Americans killed by police and vigilantes, followed by the phrase “say his name” or “say her name.” – npr

A Tribe Called Red
This electronic group not only makes kickass music, they’re also renowned for their activism through their protesting of cultural appropriation at music festivals, support of Idle no More, and refusal to perform at venues or events they don’t agree with.

Fact Sheets, Infographics, and Statistics

Some facilitators may find it helpful to back up the importance of their work with scholarly citations and cold, hard facts. Here are some sources for further information about inequality and relationship violence.

From Youth Facilitators
Our YFs are super cool, super smart, and super engaged. Here are some great links they’ve passed along.


Beyonce – Pretty Hurts
Hailee Steinfeld – I love myself
Hailee Steinfeld – Most Girls

How I Survived Gaslighting – Arabelle Sicardi | Teen Vogue

Bustle’s Body Positive section



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