Additional YF Resources

Here are some documents and links that will make you a better facilitator (and a whole bunch of games to keep in your back pocket)!

Resources for Improving Your Facilitation Skills

Why Use Check-Ins?

Check in Ideas

Why are Community Standards Important?

Active Listening Skills 

How to give feedback

How To Be Inclusive
“Your Ally is someone who…”
5 Tips for being an Ally” by Franchesca Ramsey
Trans Allyship  by Transwhat

Inclusive language is important. It allows everyone to feel like they are able to fully participate. Here’s a guide on some gender-inclusive terms!

Games! Games! Games!

Zombie Name Game: This is a very simple name game that works best with silly groups who are willing to play around. Have one student be a zombie. Arms up, jaw slack, the whole deal. As they lurch around the class, the student they are headed toward has to yell someone else’s name. This name becomes the zombie’s new prey. If the zombie catches someone, there are now 2 zombies, and so on and so forth, until you have a full blown zombie epidemic on your hands (or know everyone’s name, or run out of time).

Helium Stick (also works with a Hula Hoop): This game is awesome for team building and talking about honesty (you HAVE to tell if your finger stops touching). A useful game for to bring students together and talk about communication.
Tip: Let them try for a few minutes without talking, and then let them talk.

Whoosh/Whoa: This is a good energy game that is all about communication. The website it comes from is theatre based, but at it’s core this game is about setting up rules (or boundaries), and following them. A great focus game that’s a lot of fun.
Tip: Only add in one rule at a time, don’t overwhelm your group with all of the rules at once!

Hula Hoop pass: This one is just for fun, and would work well on a cold group.
Tip: Once everyone’s got the hang of it, split your class into 2 groups for some friendly competition.

… more games!
Here are some compiled lists of games. Make sure you understand a game well before you try to lead it with a class, and remember you can always get your other YFs to try it out with you beforehand. Ensure you have all your materials ready and be prepared!

Ultimate Guide to Team Building Activities that Don’t Suck

No Props: Great Games with No Equipment

Team Building Exercises for communication

Also, remember that games aren’t necessarily always what your group needs. In some sessions you may want to do other things like guided stretching, or a quick reflection. Some of our sessions deal with heavier content, and a game could confuse the message of the work you’re doing.



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