i don’t even believe myself as I write this: my body is a battle

A powerful piece on body image, gender, and race. How do body politics interact with your multiple identities?

I remember the first time I realized that my body was different, that I took up too much space. I was in my elementary school gym class and I was playing dodge ball and my team mate told me to get off the front line because I was a bigger target and therefore would be easier for the other team to hit.[i] Before then, aside from family members offhand comments about my “baby fat” I had never thought about my body.  It was merely the vessel I shoved dino nuggets and kool-aid in while I played pretend in the backyard. I started to compare my body to the other girl’s in my class, most of them tall, thin, gangly, kids while I was short, squat, and thick. I never had to think about my body as different yet, because up until that point I had kept up: I could…

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