Awesome new video on mental health!

Antigonish singer-songwriter and music therapist Tom Curry, filmmaker Corinne Dunphy and the Nova Scotia Health Authority have teamed up to produce this fantastic video about mental health. It includes a montage of people and places from northeastern Nova Scotia, and messages about the reality of mental illness and the possibility of recovery. The best part is Tom’s original song “When I Climb Out,” which he is featured singing in the video. Check it out and share!

From the NSHA:

Subject: NSHA Video — When I Climb Out: Mental health awareness video.  A MUST SEE!

This video was developed locally!  Take a look and please share widely!

Music Written by Tom Curry
Vocals by Tom Curry
Music Recorded by Wendell White
Production Coordinators: Leona Purcell, Lorraine Brymer, Laurie Smith, Tiffany Peeples
Filmed and Edited by Corinne Dunphy

When I Climb Out: Mental health awareness video

The Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) is pleased to release a new video focused on addressing the stigma around mental health.

The idea began with youth members of the Guysborough Academy chapter, a national organization of passionate student leaders who want to reshape the way we perceive and address our mental health and transitioned to coordination under the NSHA.

The goal of the video was to reach communities across Nova Scotia, with an emphasis on resource services in the Guysborough, Antigonish and Strait areas and promote self-care strategies, while giving information on resources to seek help across the life span.

The music for the video is an original song written by Music Therapist, Tom Curry. Video participants included individuals from Guysborough and Antigonish Counties, as well as the eastern portion of Cape Breton.

Funding for the creation of the film was provided through the Guysborough, Antigonish and Strait Area Community Health Board Wellness Funds. Additional support was provided by the Nova Scotia Health Authority Primary Health Care and Public Health Services.

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