We are living through some challenging times with everything being cancelled- school, trips, concerts, sporting events and more! But we wanted to remind you, as ambassadors for healthy relationships, that social distancing is the healthiest thing you can do right now. You might be low risk for serious harm from COVID-19, but consider the people you come into contact with. This virus spreads very easily, and if too many people get infected at once, our health care system will not be able to handle it. We’re all in this together (figuratively), so do your part, and stay home!
For more information about the coronavirus, see this link:
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Solidarity as a Verb (2)

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Announcement: NYAC

Introducing our representatives to the National Youth Advisory Committee! Destinee and Rajan are members of the HRY Provincial Advisory Committee who have been selected to represent our group on the National Provincial Advisory Committee. Welcome Destinee and Rajan! We know you will be effective voices for Nova Scotia!

Destinee MacInnis

Rajan Minocha

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Happy 2020 Everyone!

We here at the HRY office are looking forward to a great year! The Youth Advisory Committee is getting up and running and we are excited to hear from you! With your feedback we are going to make the program even better for everyone involved!

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16 Days of Activism: Day 6

Day 6: Olivia Landry; Healthy Reltionships for Youth Regional Coordinator; AWRCSASA

” what we want to tell adults about our hopes and dreams of a world free of gender based violence..”
I want to tell adults that the youth that I work with (and all youth) enact change in their lives and communities every day. This week I checked in with students who told me they challenged myths about consent and sexual assault in a classroom full of students they were talking to. I’ve had other students tell me that they are passionate about deconstructing gender stereotypes, and that they are excited to talk to other students about these issues. I’ve had students talk to me about the lack of access to sex education and resources they are faced with, and how they think this needs to change. While young people are excited to tell us what they need, to learn, and to enact change, everyone is responsible for creating a world free from gender based violence. It is not only up to young people to create this change so that the world can be better for future generations, we need everyone – in all professions and communities- to create this world. Rather than questioning the validity of youths’ hopes and dreams, we need to acknowledge the value in pursuing a better world and all the different ways this can be accomplished – by pursuing a women’s and gender studies degree, by volunteering, teaching relatives at the dinner table about gender identity, believing survivors, along with so many other things youth might choose to do. We can support young people in creating a world free of free from gender based violence by working towards this world together.Day 6

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16 Days of Activism: Day 5

Day 5: Laura Pickersgill; X-Project Organizer
“what we want to tell adults about our hopes and dreams of a world free of gender based violence..”
“I hope for a world without gender based violence: a world where people are safe and comfortable in their bodies, in their homes, and in their communities. I dream of a world where everyone can be themselves and have control of their lives and bodies. To do this, we must deconstruct the systems in our world which uphold this violence: colonialism, racism, heteropatriarchy, to name a few. In the fight against gender-based violence we must centre those who have been affected on multiple levels and who have been working and fighting for a better future for all of us. Those of us who are settlers in Mi’kma’ki owe Mi’kmaw women, 2 Spirit people, youth, and men our respect, our gratitude, and our commitment to do better. A world without gender based violence is one where we honor our treaties, the land, and each other. Similarly, we cannot ignore the role that racism plays in gender based violence, we must support and listen to Black women, who have also been paving the way for a more just and equitable world.

Finally, what I want to say to adults, is that we must listen to youth. Young people are the experts in their own lives, and have so much to offer the world, but are too often not taken seriously. Listen to them, believe them, and then take action. ”

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16 Days of Activism: Day 4

Day 4: Saint Francis Xavier Student Union;”What we want to tell adults about our hopes and dreams for a world without gender based violence…”

Is that this world is attainable. But getting to it is going to take concrete steps and actions, it’s going to take a shift in the way that so many think, it’s going to take bringing the voices of survivors to the forefront of our discussions. It’s going to mean recognizing that the conversation about gender-based violence is not one that can be skated over in statistics and technical terms — it’s a conversation about real people and their stories and experiences, it’s about our friends, our siblings, our classmates, our faculty, and sometimes ourselves. The StFX Students’ Union is committed to being survivor centric in all decisions and conversations, recognizing that our students and our campus are affected by gender based violence. We advocate on behalf of students at provincial and national levels, and are represented on committees within the University that strive to prevent and respond to sexualized violence. In January we will be piloting a Peer Support Program which will serve as another support system on campus that survivors can access. We want to tell adults that a world without gender based violence is possible, and that we’re working hard to make it happen. We invite you to join us on this journey.
– The StFX Students’ Union Executive Team

Day 4

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